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Hi   First Name  , Larry Levin here, your host and organizer of the very first and only Dog Training Success Summit and I just want to congratulate you on making a very wise choice.

Investing in your future by deciding to join myself and an amazing roster of world class dog training professionals this May 20-21 was an absolutely brilliant move on your part — as you'll soon see!

During the exciting two days we have planned for you, you'll have the opportunity to...

  • ​Network and mingle with highly successful dog trainers and legendary dog training experts and business owners
  • Get all your questions answered by some of today’s top professionals with decades of hands-on experience
  • Discover the secrets to running and growing a successful six or even seven figure dog training business
  • ​Find out from those who have done it how to make a good living while making a difference.

So here’s what you can do to get ready:

  • Block out April 29-30 on your calendar — We start at 10:00 AM sharp on Saturday the 29th!
  • Need directions? CLICK HERE.
  • If you’re coming in from out of town or just want to spend the night in the luxurious and relaxing Newport Beach Marriott Bayview resort where the summit will be held, be sure to book your room now by calling Alesia for reservation details at 949-678-2009 or 949-509-6015, or visiting this page for special group rates (good 'til April 7).

I’m super excited about the summit and look forward to welcoming you on April 29th!


Since you’ve decided to invest in this fantastic business and personal growth opportunity, there's just one more experience I highly recommend for you…

If you could qualify for one of only two available in-person private coaching sessions with either Vladae or Matt during the event so they could help you take your dog training business to a whole new level...

Wouldn't that be worth a few minutes of your time to apply?

Check out the bios below of these two dog training super-heroes and click the button at the end to apply for one of only two available sessions each one has dedicated to this event to help you truly master your dog training business!

"Who is Matt Beisner and how can he help me?"

Matt Beisner (CPDT-KA, LFDM-T) is the star of the internationally acclaimed 'Dog: Impossible' on Disney+ and founder of THE ZEN DOG, currently serving Southern California and Austin, TX..

Matt's work goes beyond dog training to transform human/dog relationships without relying on fear, force, commands or control. "There are no bad dogs", says Matt, who also serves as an ambassador of the Texas Humane Legislative Network (THLN).

He believes you don't need tricks, treats, commands, force… or fear. How and when you give affection will directly impact your dog's behavior. By patiently waiting until the dog calms itself down, you allow and empower it to think for itself.

While Matt’s client list now includes celebrities like The Winkler Family, Lena Dunham, Carrie Brownstein and many others, his unique way of working with dogs began during a very dark time in his life, when an scared dog with aggressive behavior actually helped him discover his own path to recovery — and a "let's grow together" approach that has become the hallmark of his work.

And now, having gone through all the ups and downs of launching, running and scaling a highly successful dog training business himself, Matt has helped a handful of other professional dog trainers who’ve gone on to great success in their own dog training businesses.

Matt will be coaching two lucky attendees at the summit. Click the button below to learn more and apply for 60-minutes with one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the world. 

"Who is Vladae Roytapel and how can he help me?"

Internationally acclaimed dog training expert Vladae Roytapel made a name for himself as truly a "Dog Wizard" for the amazing results he achieved — even with behavioral problems previously thought untreatable.

Fascinated with animal behavior from an early age, and grandson of a former Chief Biologist for the USSR, Vladae gained early childhood experience observing his grandfather working with wolves, coyotes and foxes, and the successes and failures he had in behavior modification. He went on to train dogs on border patrol and paratrooper dogs for special forces prior to the breakup of the USSR.

Having earned his MBA, and later completing extensive education in dog training through the prestigious Avante University in Moldova, he embarked on what would quickly become an illustrious international career in dog training.

Over his 45+ years as the “Dr. Phil of Dog Psychology”, his unique and innovative training approach sets Vladae far apart from the vast majority of dog trainers today.

He currently runs what is perhaps Southern California’s most sought-after canine training practice, SoCal Dog Training, headquartered in Newport Beach. When other dog trainers fail, their owners from all over Southern California turn to Vladae — aka “Vladae911” — for help with their pets.

Vladae will be coaching two lucky attendees at the summit. Click the button below to learn more and apply for 60-minutes with one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the world.


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